Icy pavement…salt and chemicals in ice-melting compounds…dirt and grime on streets and roads…burrs and splinters…super-heated asphalt and sand

Everyone who loves a special dog knows how important dog boots are in protecting paws from cracks, cuts, burns and frostbite. And when your dog licks her feet clean, salt and chemicals can burn her mouth or even make her sick.

But keeping track of dog boots can require a dogged effort. Have you bought and replaced dozens of boots, only to see them disappear into puddles, snowdrifts and unknown regions of your own home?

Pupspenders keep your dog's boots where they belong!

Even the best boots can't protect your dog if they fall off! Pupspenders, suspenders made for dogs to keep their boots on, are comfortable for any size dog and work with all dog boots. Use them with our own high-quality boots, or with whatever style you like.

Yes, we realize your dog may get a few funny looks at first, but you'll have the last laugh with all the boots you won't lose!